Tips For Saving Fuel And Money While Using Your Car

A penny saved is a penny earned. Billions of dollars are incurred towards fuel expenses every year. However, there are certain tips that can help you save more money when you use and drive your vehicle. Some of the important tips for saving fuel while using and running a car or any other automobile more efficiently are given below.

Check the Gas Caps

The missing, loose, or damaged gas caps are a major cause of fuel loss. Surveys reveal that approximately 17% of the vehicles and cars on the roads have issues related to their gas caps and lids. More than 140 million gallons of fuel and gas vaporize every year due to negligence. Therefore, you should ensure that you are checking and inspecting your gas caps regularly. You should replace the damaged caps or get them repaired if the issue can be resolved with the tweaks.

Improper Tyre Inflation

Tires that are not inflated to the right extent may suffer more from friction. Running a car with underinflated tires is the same as running it with the parking brakes applied and on. An under-inflated tire may result in a loss of up to 2 miles for every gallon of fuel. Checking the tire air pressure costs nothing. You should be inspecting your tires regularly and see to it that they are not underinflated. Gas stations may provide you the facility to check the pressure of your car service in OKC and inflate them at no additional cost.

Worn-Out or Damaged Spark Plugs

Different vehicles may have different numbers of spark plugs. While the older vehicles have up to four spark plugs, the new ones may have eight. The spark plugs may fire millions of times during their lifetime and cause the generation of heat. Their use also results in electrical and heat erosion. Misfiring may also occur when a fire spark plug is worn-out or damaged. It may result in the wastage of fuel. It is important that you check your spark plugs from time to time and replace them whenever required.

Dirty and Clogged Air Filter

A dirty air filter is clogged with impurities including bugs, dust, and dirt. Such an air filter will result in the burning of more amount of gas. Therefore, it causes wastage of gas and may also result in a loss of power of the engine of the car/automobile. You can save up to 10% on your fuel costs and expenditures when you replace your clogged and dirty air filter with a new transmission in OKC.

Saving Fuel While Driving

Aggressive drivers burn more fuel. Fuel is also wasted heavily during the idling of the car/vehicle. Good and expert drivers ensure that they observe the speed limits imposed by the regulatory authorities at all times. It helps you save fuel while also complying with the rules and laws. It is always better to turn off the engine of the car if you are not running it. These simple tips will also help you save fuel when you drive a car/vehicle.


The above-given tips help you save fuel and reduce your expenditures on gas. You should remain vigilant and attentive to the use of your car. Timely maintenance and inspection at a garage for Hyundai service in OKC will resolve many of the issues related to your automobile and will bring to you more peace of mind.

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