Piano Movers New Jersey

New Jersey Piano Movers – My Story

I moved last month across town from my condo in Newark to a home in Jersey City. I gained an additional 800 SQFT of floor space which allowed me to move my mothers Baby Grand Piano from her house to mine. My dad had a truck with a massive bed that would have worked, but we had no way to get the Piano lifted up into the back of the truck. We decided to hire a New Jersey Mover to transport the Piano from New Jersey U Haul TruckNewark to Jersey City. We called Bluebell Relocation services and the team of movers came out with a truck that looked like a big Uhaul style truck. It had a motorized lift on the back of it that allowed them to roll the Piano onto the back of the truck and lift it with a powered lifting mechanism. The distance from Newark to Jersey City was only about a 20-minute trip so it didn’t end up costing very much. The worst part, once we arrived, was that my new home was two stories and the room I wanted it in was on the second floor. I ended up buying a home in Greenville¬†and was surprised to see how nice the neighborhood had become since I was there last. My cousin had lived there when we were kids and I always recall it being a little rough. best lounge in jersey cityWe used to go to the best bar in Jersey City, at least according to my uncle. The food and atmosphere are pretty cool. When I was 21 years old I always remember it being a little more obnoxious, but my first night as a Jersey City residence it seemed like a pretty decent place to hang out and have a beer. We ended up swinging by for a few after we got the Piano moved upstairs to the top floor of my new place. Moving is always such a drag, and I hope I have finally moved into my forever home! If for some reason this isn’t my forever home and I end up moving again, the Piano is staying in Jersey City!!