How Does A Dentist Make Teeth White?

Because of various reasons, it is common to see our teeth becoming stained and discolored. It could be because of our food habits, chewing of tobacco, smoking cigarettes and also because of bad oral and teeth hygiene. We are living in a world where looks and appearances matter a lot. In such situations, there is no doubt that teeth whitening is becoming very important, vital and even indispensable in many cases. This process helps to make the teeth lightens teeth and also helps to remove discoloration and stains. It is considered to be one of the most common and popular cosmetic dental procedures. It can go a long way in improving the way in which your teeth look. It is a procedure that is performed by almost all dentists.

 Why You Need Teeth Cleaning?

 As mentioned above making our teeth look white and bright is the main job of teeth whitening OKC. The outer layer of the teeth is known as enamel. The color of the teeth is governed by the scattering and reflection of light off the enamel. The color of dentin under the enamel also has a role to play in giving the natural color to your teeth. The smoothness and thickness of your enamel are determined by various factors including your genes and food and other habits. If you have thin enamel, the dentin is clearly visible. Rougher and smoother enamel also impacts the color of your teeth. There are also pores in the enamel that can hold stains.  There could be many reasons for the teeth enamel becoming colored and stained. Some common elements are tobacco, hard colored drinks such as tea, coffee, cola, and red wine. Improper care of teeth could also be a cause. Aging also leads to the enamel becoming thinner and the dentin also tends to become darker.

 How Is Tooth Whitening Done

 We need to understand that teeth whitening work best on surface stains. If you have cavities then this has to be treated before going in for tooth whitening. Receding gums could also lead to tooth discoloration This will expose the root of your teeth and it will certainly look discolored or white. In such cases, whitening products will not be of much use. If you have veneers and porcelain crowns then also tooth whitening may not have much of an impact. Therefore all the above factors have to be kept in mind and addressed before going in for tooth whitening.

 How Is Whitening Done

 The whitening process takes time and may not be completed in one sitting. In many cases, it could take three or four sittings. The first task is to remove the film coating which contributes to the discoloration of the enamel. This is done using some special chemicals and also using some scraping methods. It is highly complex and only qualified OKC dentists would be able to do it.  Once this is done the actual process of whitening is done. This is done using some special whitening agents, bleaching agents, and other such products. The objective is to give the natural color back to your tooth without damaging it in any manner whatsoever.

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