Experiencing the Symphony

How ought we to read the Bible?

In this video, N.T. Wright reflects on the way we read the Bible.

Some great highlights:

  • The best way to read the Bible:  frequently and thoroughly
  • We don’t experience symphonies in 10-bar chunks. Why ought we think the Bible can be properly experienced in bite-sized pieces?
  • The closer we get to a small window, the greater the panorama we are able to see. We should approach the Bible in the same way so that we see the whole sweep of scripture.
  • We easily get engrossed in a novel or a movie for hours at a time. Why then have so few experienced a book of the Bible in one sitting?
  • Have you ever wrestled with an entire book, or do you just pull out verses that appeal to you?


There is a lot more good advice in this short piece.

Question: What stood out to you?