Everything You Need To Know About 3D Ultrasound

3D ultrasound is a common term most of us have come across to, mostly related to pregnancies. It is a medical procedure to get images within any vital organs of a body using ultrasound techniques. 3D ultrasound is specifically used in cardiac, fetal and trans-rectal applications.

An ultrasound technique uses sound waves to give pictures to the doctor about our vital organs. It is regarded as one of the safest and harmless wave techniques to get images from inside our body, as compared to X-Rays or other radioactive rays used for medical purposes. 3D ultrasound might also be known as 4D ultrasound as it gives a real life or 3D images on the screen.

The reason why 3d 4d ultrasound fort walton beach techniques are preferred even by doctors is that it gives an accurate and simple image of what the doctor seeks to see or understand. Though there might be some risks of heating up of tissues within our body due to transmission of sound waves, there hasn’t yet been any reported damage of doing a 3D ultrasound. So people who are over thinking of going through this test, then we assure you that it’s totally harmless.

There are several uses and applications of 3D ultrasound, but we are going to discuss about its application during pregnancies and also for cardiology, as they are the common reasons why ultrasound is prescribed.

During Pregnancies

Since 3D ultrasound is one the safest technique for inspection within our body, it is used during pregnancies to check the condition of the fetus and also its gradual growth. There used to be quite a bit of difficulty in inspecting or understanding the fetus growth as it moves constantly and has a high heart rate, but this technique captures several pictures at the same time and then collaborates all those images to produce one image on the screen. This is uniquely fast as it can even produce images of the moving fetus. Even in case of emergencies, doctors can quickly check the condition of the fetus and take appropriate actions accordingly.


Cardiology specifically deals with heart issues. Being one of the some safest waves, it also used to detect heartbeats, and also solve issues related to heart problems. The visualization of the heart condition using a 3D ultrasound is known as Echocardiography. This means that the echo of the sound waves is producing an image on the screen.

3d ultrasound fort walton beach helps the doctors in a number of ways to deal with heart issues. For instance, it helps to track the chamber volumes within the heart during cardiac-cycle; helps in tracing the blood flow to the heart; and speed of expansions and contractions. With the help if this technique, doctors can now even detect artery diseases or any harm within the heart tissues. Moreover, it is also used to check the real time-image of cardiac structure, in case of extreme emergency or medical conditions.

3D ultrasound is the most prescribed and harmless technique to help doctors understand issues with sensitive organs. Other than the above mentioned applications, this technique is also used for vascular imaging and while administrating regional anaesthesia.