What Is Special about Point-of-Entry Ultrafiltration Water?

A water filtration system removes the impurities of water, more than millions of Americans have unsafe drinking water because of the contaminants in the water from underground pollution and factories. The point of entry filtration system eliminates such impurities by filtering as it enters your place, it is directly connected to the waterline and works as a central filtration system for the house.

Also known as the whole house water filters which are installed in the main water line to remove all the odor, contaminants and chlorine. It makes the water suitable for general usage and this system is not only easy to maintain but is also durable, it can easily work for more than 5-7 years. It can process a high volume of water at one time. These are generally in the garage and are most commonly placed in front of the heater, to deliver both cold and hot purified water to every tap.


  •  Durable and easy to maintain and also improves the taste of water by removing various chemical, biological and environmental containment.
  • Ensures all water entering your house is clean and filtered, as it is installed in the main water line where the water first enters. It treats the water at the very beginning and then the treated water flows from every tap, it is designed with different types of filters which remove the water containments, sulfur, solids etc.
  • It treats the water at the point where it is being used, it is a complete solution for household needs and it can provide you with fresh water where you need it.
  • It treats water which is delivered to sinks, shower refrigerators, toilets, washing machines, baths etc. Which is the reason it is also known as whole house water filters.
  • It offers high capacity filtration which can treat up to a thousand gallons of water at a time. The right capacity of these filters makes them durable and maintenance-free.

How to install a filtration system

To install a filtration system you must ask the company to send experts because it requires plumbing knowledge to get the job done. But if you have basic plumbing knowledge then here are the steps.

  1. Shut the main water line and drain the excess water from all the pipes.
  2. Choose an easy to access water location which should also be common.
  3. Cut with the help of a pipe cutter. Don’t forget to have all the plumbing tools with you before you start.
  4. Place the included fittings and compression nuts.
  5. Use tapes and other things to stick the fittings and make them secure and then rotate the filter so that the intakes and outflow ports face opposite side.
  6. Turn the main valve and the inlet valve on and check if there is any leakage, let the water run for a while and if there is no leakage then you are done.


It is good for your health as it involves the filtration of water before its usage. Problems related to contaminated water or water containing iron and rust is solved with these filters. All your water needs are easily controlled and monitored from a centralized location. These filters are easy to install, easy to exchange, easy to use and protects, it filter every drop of your water. So, to enjoy the finest quality of water you must install it.

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What Are the Benefits of Home Dialysis?

Kidneys help us to remove surplus fluid and also convert excess products into the urine, which will be excreted eventually. However, dialysis will be required for those individuals whose kidneys are not able to function properly. Dialysis helps those having kidney problems which can lead to a toxic accumulation of waste bi-products and fluid resulting in serious health implications and, at times, even death. Fortunately, it is possible for the patients to perform dialysis at home with the help of a machine known as a hemodiafiltration machine right now.

In this article, we will focus on the benefits provided by dialysis done with the help of a hemodiafiltration machine at home.

  1. Helps to improve patient lifestyle

People who like to perform dialysis in their own residences do so quite frequently as well as for shorter spans of time. Dialysis at frequent intervals mimics the normal functioning of the kidneys and less fluid and waste will be building up between treatments. This increased frequency of dialysis results in lower rates of mortality, fewer side effects, and more satisfactory results. This will also help the patients to receive the advantages of daily treatment which helps to improve their lifestyle to a great extent.

  1. Provides more time to perform your preferred activities

While spending a considerable amount of time in a dialysis center, it will not be feasible for the patients to perform their preferred activities in their free time. However, dialysis at home with the help of a hemodiafiltration machine will allow the patients to do that. They will get adequate time to mingle with their near and dear ones, watch their favorite programs on TV, and so on. It is a fact that home dialysis will provide more freedom to the patients and they will be able to lead a normal lifestyle.

  1. Reduces expenses related to travel

By performing dialysis quality water at their own residences, it will be feasible for the patients to save their traveling expenses which would have been required in case they visited any dialysis center. They can likewise save money on other expenses such as auto maintenance too. Although it might seem to be trivial initially, it can soon add up. Moreover, qualified patients will receive coverage from the majority of the private insurance plans in case they choose to perform home dialysis.

  1. Helps to learn more about the ailment

Patients performing home dialysis with the help of a hemodiafiltration machine will be able to have a better idea regarding their condition as compared to those who prefer to go to the dialysis center. This knowledge will help them to get rid of depression and fear and they will have a better outlook regarding their future. It can result in healthier patients who will become excellent monitors of their own health conditions.


In a nutshell, it can be asserted that home dialysis with the aid of a   hemodiafiltration machine has become more popular at present mainly because of the flexibility and the benefits that it brings to the lives of the patients. It is therefore important for patients who are interested in home dialysis to talk to healthcare teams without making any delay.

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Why Is Lead Water Filter Important For Homes

There is no doubt that clean water is extremely important in our life. We need water for drinking, for cooking and we also need partially clean water for bathing and cooking. As the population increases and as the water sources dry up, water is scarce. Freshwater has to be obtained either from lakes, rivers, and streams. It could also be obtained by converting seawater into freshwater but this is an expensive process and not sustainable over a long period. Groundwater is one of the most important sources of drinking water and the levels of pure water in the ground are also going down rapidly, both in rural and urban areas. This is because of an increase in population and unscientific and reckless exploitation of water that is available under the ground. The quality of water has also deteriorated quite a bit and therefore it is important to find out ways and means by which we can make groundwater suitable for drinking. The importance of water filtration system becomes important and we list down some critical reasons why Lead water filtration is no longer a choice but a big necessity. We will look at the kinds of impurities that are there in the drinking water that is extracted from the ground.


We often hear about chlorine being added to water for killing bacteria and also other microorganisms. But drinking chlorine-filled water is harmful and children are often born with defects because mothers have ingested excess chlorine in their bodies. Water, therefore, should be filtered and excess chlorine should be removed at all points in time. This is possible only with the help of a good water filtration system. It helps to remove excess chlorine concentration and ensures that the water is fit for drinking.

Fluoride & Lead

Many cities are known to add fluoride to their water supply system because it helps in building healthy bones and teeth. But on the flip side, excess fluoride could lead to bone damage and bone deformation, especially among children. It also could lead to damage to teeth and gums. Therefore, it is now becoming important and critical to use a good filtration system to remove excess fluoride from water. The same is the case with water. Lead has no known good benefits and it causes problems to the brain of our children and could also impact kidneys when there is an excess deposit of this metal. A good filtration system helps to remove excess lead from the Point of entry filtration system.


Nitrate occurs naturally when oxygen is combined with the nitrogen. Living things require nitrate but when it reaches high levels it could be dangerous. It could impact children and pregnant mothers the most. Nitrate deposits increase because of industrial waste, rampant use of fertilizers, poor septic systems and also because of unscientific disposal of waste. In such situations, it makes sense to go in for water filtration systems that ensure that excess deposits of nitrate are removed from the water supply system.

Bacteria & Living Organisms

Finally, a good water filtration system with a reverse osmosis system could help in removing bacteria and other harmful living organisms from the water.

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Harmful Impact Of Lead In Water

There are millions of people across the world who struggle to get safe and clean water to drink. As the water table continues to be used much beyond normal limits, there is very weak replenishment of the same. Hence, the water table continues to drop across the states of the country and also across the world. This leads to the increased risk of water getting contaminated. One of the biggest challenges today is lead poisoning or increased amount of lead in the water. If there is a need for leader filter or POU filter, it is right now and there is no way this can be postponed or kept for tomorrow. This is because the health challenges and risks associated with lead poisoning in water are real and it cannot be ignored or brushed under the carpet. Let us therefore try and find out the impact lead poisoning and how lead filters can help save millions of people from the dangers associated with it.

How Does Lead Get Introduced In The Body?

There are enough research studies and papers to prove that lead can have quite a few bad health effects. Historically, there are many who believe that lead in water was one of the main reasons for the downfall of the great Roman Empire. However, the first studies on lead in water and its negative impact on human beings was perhaps done around 100 years ago. But lead continued to be used for many household products. Paints in particular had lead in it because it helped add color to it. Lead was banned in 1978 because of irrefutable evidences that it could damage the human body quite significantly.

How Is Lead Ingested

Lead is ingested either through contaminated substances or through water. The limit set for lead ingestion is only 15 micrograms per liter though there are many toxicologists who believe 10 micrograms per liter should be the right limit. Anything above 15 micrograms could lead to what is commonly known and lead poisoning. Apart from water, lead can also be ingested in inhaled through the skin. However, lead in water cannot get into the body through skin. Therefore it might be safe to bathe in lead contaminated water as long as you do not drink the same.

How It Damages The Body

When human brain cells absorb lead, it is known to impact the frontal cortex. This is the area that is responsible for planning, abstract thought and attention. It also impacts the hippocampus that is vital for memory and learning. Additionally, lead poisoning could also impact the kidney and liver and damage these organs beyond repair if the ingestion happens in high quantities and for long periods of time.

The Role Of Lead Filter

In view of the facts mentioned above, there is no doubt that lead filter is extremely critical and even indispensable for each and every home in the country. It is all the more true for areas where the concentration of lead is much more than the normal prescribed limit. Quality lead filters help in trapping lead in the filtering devices and prevent it from getting into the water that is used for drinking, cooking and other purposes.

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