Choices Available While Selecting A School In Florida

Florida and Tampa offer an array of options when you are looking to choose a school. Parents can choose the neighborhood or the public kids prep school in the given district, or may also choose the specialized or the Charters schools. Parents may also choose to transfer the child to an out-of-district school, or may also choose a secular or a religious private school. With the advent and proliferation of technology, some parents also choose to provide education to their children at the home. Below are some of the choices available to the parents when they are searching for a school for their children.

Public Schools

The majority of parents send their children to neighborhood public schools and high schools near Tampa FL. Because the school is close to the home, the child can easily attend the classes. Because students from the same locality often study in these schools along with each other, the children can also work with their classmates on group projects. Children can make and visit friends as well. These kinds of public schools act like anchors that bring children and families closer in a community.

Specialized Public Schools

More and more school districts today have specialized public schools. These specialized schools may emphasize special education, philosophy, or a particular subject. For instance, one specialized public school may emphasize subjects such as language or science, while another member may emphasize a dress code or a code of conduct.

Charter Schools

Charter schools are being increasingly popular in Florida and Tampa. These schools may have more innovative programs, emphasize diversity, and may also offer specialized programs. More than 100,000 students are studying currently in the Charter schools of Florida.

Magnet Schools

Magnet school specializes in subjects such as arts, business, technology, mathematics, and science among others. When parents are looking for a school that can well match the interest of the child, Magnet schools can be a good option. These schools help the children gain subject-specific knowledge and also promote achievement in academic areas. Magnet schools are found to be more innovative in their learning approaches and have a diverse teaching and learning environment.

Career Academics

The personalized and the smaller learning communities that are found within the best schools in Tampa area are called carrier academies. These academies consist of teachers and a subset of students and may be created for a maximum of 4 years. The academies may promote occupational courses along with academic subjects following career themes like health, business, and others. Any student can join a career academy voluntarily but should obtain parent support for it. The academies can well prepare a student and child for even the post-secondary education courses, and provide additional knowledge and employment training.

Virtual Schools

In Florida and Tampa, there are 2 virtual education programs available for children. One of these is the education program meant for children in the kindergarten to Grade 8 level. Another virtual program is for children from the 6th to the 12th grade. The Florida Virtual Academy and the Florida Connections Academy are the two virtual schools in Florida and Tampa that operate at the kindergarten to 8th-grade level. The Florida Virtual School has more than 90 courses for the students and these educational courses are available online.

Florida and Tampa offer multiple schooling opportunities and have a diverse community and innovative teaching and learning environment. Enroll your child now in school and help in growth in life.

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Benefits of Chiropractic Care on Wellness in Frisco

If you’re managing ongoing agony, chiropractic care can help. It centres around issues of the outer muscle framework and the sensory system, and their effect on your overall wellbeing and health. It is likewise acquired significantly more acknowledgement in recent years as a viable type of medical service. Chiropractic administrations are presently broadly being used, getting everything from back torment pressure to sports wounds. Wellness care chiropractic Frisco TX offers the best results at affordable fees.

With normal changes from your alignment specialist, you can assist with keeping your body adjusted and sound. Everybody, from kids to seniors, can profit from chiropractic health care.

Bone and joint specialists utilize involved spinal control, trigger-point treatment, electronic incitement, and different medicines to acquire the vertebrae of your neck and into a legitimate arrangement. By clearing the blockage in nerve cells, re-establishing versatility to joints, and facilitating torment and muscle pressure, chiropractic treatment permits your body to recuperate itself without medical procedure or drug.

Less torment

Many individuals experience the ill effects of persistent back or neck torment. Pain killers can give brief alleviation, yet they never really fix the issue. Chiropractic changes address the beginning of the aggravation.

Better stance 

On the off chance that you’re accomplishing work area work, you’re likely plunking down for longer periods than our bodies were intended for. Sitting before a PC for a long time regularly prompts drooping and terrible stance, which thus comes down on our neck, shoulders, and hips. Chiropractic acupuncture in Plano Texas can return your spine to the arrangement.

Less cerebral pains

Around nine out of 10 Americans experience the ill effects of cerebral pains. Since most migraines are connected to muscle strain in the neck, spinal control and other chiropractic methods can regularly successfully lessen cerebral pain torment. Ensure you do regularly for the best results.

Improved resistant framework

To ward off contaminations and infection, our resistant framework depends on messages being sent accurately through our nerves. At the point when vertebrae leave arrangement, they can squeeze a nerve, possibly obstructing these messages. Customary chiropractic health care can ease the tension on the nerve and permit the resistant framework to work at top productivity.

Decreased reliance taking drugs

Since chiropractic care can free many sorts from torment without a medical procedure, it can altogether diminish a people dependent on drugs. Indeed, an expected 96% of individuals with persistent back agony can be dealt with non-precisely.

Better state of mind

Customarily, Mindset swings or gloom have been treated with prescription. Nonetheless, that course can be costly may in any case convey a social disgrace. Chiropractor Frisco TX changes work on the sensory system, which can fix the substance unevenness that regularly prompts state of mind swings. By addressing issues in our nerves, chiropractic care can likewise assist us with thinking all the more obviously.


Chiropractic care is essential if you are looking for well-being. Some of the top benefits of chiropractic care on wellness in Frisco is mentioned above. These benefits help shape your life and keep you healthy throughout. Ensure you take chiropractic care if suffering from posture, pain, better state of mind and many more.

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Choosing Retirement Planning Companies in Hingham

You have a job in Hingham and have been working there for quite a long time. If you are just some years away from your retirement you know it is time to start saving. If you do not have any idea as to how you do about it you can opt for a retirement planning company in Hingham so your future is secured.

Retirement Planning Companies in Hingham

We know how costly the times are but there still are retirement companies in Hingham that give you amazing plans for your retirement. But how do you know all that they say is true? You have to be very cautious as your future is in question. There are some things to keep in mind before choosing from the retirement planning companies in Hingham.

Whom to hire?

The answer to this question is quite easy. First of all, decide what kind of plan are you looking at, is it business-related or service type. See if the company that you will be going to has a certified financial advisor. Also, see if they have had prior experiences in handling a situation similar to yours and what is the success rate of the company. You can read the reviews of the company online or ask people who were their clients before. After you’ve figured out whom to hire, see that the company understands your financial situation currently and keeps in mind what you have planned for yourself in the future. Ask the advisor all the questions just like taking their interview so you have a clear picture if they are the right match for you. If you think that the company will not be able to benefit you in any way you may change anytime.


The cost depends on the type of service you decide to buy, the product you decide to purchase, the money you want to invest and from whom you are getting the advice. Some companies charge by percentages and some take commissions from the products you purchase from them that come from a third party. See if they charge by project or hourly. See what fits your budget and who will be profitable with you.

How does it help?

The companies can be a blessing for you when you do not have much knowledge in investing or are confused as to how to save for your retirement.  Many people are not able to plan their next day let alone their retirement plans. So getting professional advice and investing in the right plan can be very beneficial for you. The company’s advisor will ask you a ton of questions to know what you really have in mind.

Once they figure out everything they will map out a plan for you so you invest in the right plan for you. This will make your work easy and you will have a good retirement.


Keeping all these things in mind is essential when it comes to hiring retirement companies in Hingham. Keep in mind that it is your future after retirement you are planning for. Hence choosing the right company is essential for you as that will lead to a confident life in terms of finance and that is only possible when you are cautious.

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The Role Of Marketing Firms – Everything You Need To Know

In the present day, new businesses and startup businesses are coming up very fast. Every individual has their idea for a new business and all of them want to try and be successful. Knowing about your business is common but where people lack knowledge when it comes to the marketing and promoting or even advertising of the company. New business enthusiasts do not have complete knowledge of the market. This is where marketing firms in OKC can help them. Here is an article that will help you know about the role of Marketing Firms.

Marketing Firms

Marketing firms refer to any company that can assist you and helps you with your business by establishing, creating, executing, and also sustaining the marketing strategies for your business. They are professionals and have complete knowledge about the market and how to proceed with the marketing of your company. These can be individual standing firms or a large chain and they specialize in Marketing. They can help any kind or size of the business in any industry in improving their marketing strategies.

Working Of Marketing Firms

It is critical to understand how marketing firms generally work. These firms start with doing complete marketing research to completely understand what is the problem and why the current plan is not working. Next to establish the perfect customer profile they do demographic research. Once they have all the necessary data and information that is required for them to proceed they start developing the marketing strategies for you. Now, these firms can be of various types like digital marketing who can help you with every issue that you have been facing online regarding your business.

Types Of Marketing Firms

Here are the five major types of marketing firms.

  • Direct Marketing: A direct marketing firm can help you with the managing and also the planning of direct campaigns for mails. They can help you with the mailing lists that will match your targeted audience.
  • Digital Marketing: Digital marketing firms help you with everything online. They can help you with the social media, email, and internet-based marketing mix.
  • Marketing Consultant: A marketing consultancy firm can help you audit the marketing plan for you and can also give you suggestions that can be helpful for your business.
  • Telemarketing: The telemarketing firms are like call centers. They can help you with marketing services but they are telephone-based and they help you via call.
  • Marketing Communications: Marketing communications can help with all the communication bases materials like newsletters, brochures, special customer magazines, and product guides.

Final Words

With the growth of Marketing Firms, it has become very easy for new businesses to understand that market better and to also work accordingly. The role of a digital marketing firm in Oklahoma City is the same but they are extremely supportive and are known for providing you with the best advice and establishing the best possible ways by which you can work on your marketing strategies. So always remember whenever you need help regarding any business in any industry any marketing firm in Oklahoma City can be very helpful.

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Detailed Information about Brand Monitoring

You might have launched your product or might be offering numerous services. But are you aware of the status of your brand for example where it has reached and where it stands? If no then you are surely not on the right track. You should look for any company that is into brand monitoring tool. When you will hire the services you will realize the worth of that particular company.


Select a Company with Relevant Experience


Whenever you will search for the company that is doing this work you will come across numerous companies that are doing this work. So, the first and the foremost thing to look for is the number of years a particular company has been doing this work. Each company has its own department that looks after the work assigned to it based on expertise. Do not let your brand name suffer in any manner and hire the services of the company before it gets too late. You need to aware of all the information that shall vital in seeing your business succeed. Try to be in contact with the brand monitoring company so that there are no loose ends.


Importance of brand monitoring


  • Builds reputation – If your product or service is top class and if you fail to promote it you are not on the right track. Select the brand monitoring company so that it builds your reputation among the masses apart from offering quality products and services. Anything that is said about the company by any customer will be traced by the brand monitoring company. Based on that the customer details will be found out and the negative reviews will be looked upon. Proper talking will soon convert reviews into positive ones.


  • Effective customer service – Everyone is connected to the internet these days. So the role of social media cannot be ignored. The customer hires the services or uses the product and gives the feedback. So, all the reviews and feedback given by the customer should be taken seriously. Any suggestions if you think needs to be incorporated one should surely proceed and do it.


  • Understanding marketing insights – This will help you to understand the reviews of other customers. Sometimes these reviews and feedback are so good that one should try to make changes suggested for betterment. Taking care of all your customer needs will not only improve the brand image but will also increase your business. Offer the customers what the customer needs and requires and you will soon notice the difference.


Brand monitoring through different channels and means


Online media monitoring is a must as it will help in many ways. There are numerous ways to do it like newspapers, magazines, online publications, online blogs, forums, review sites, print media, etc. Through all the channels and means a monitoring company will try its best it can for your brand. Apart from this, many tools help keep track of the brand and monitor the brand. Google search console, Google alerts, Brand watch analytics, LexisNexis, etc. are some of the well-known tools that are used by numerous brand monitoring companies.

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Things to Consider When Selecting Advertising Agency in OKC

If you want to sell your service or product, you need to be aware of the marketing mix of four Ps. They happen to be Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. When it comes to marketing, one of the most essential elements happens to be Promotion. To make your product or service popular, and known to your potential customers, it happens to be crucial to promote your service or product effectively. Regarding promotion, it is important to select a qualified advertising agency in OKC that has both experience and expertise. If you are searching for a qualified advertising agency in your area, then the following criterion would help.


Before you invest in an advertising agency you need to make sure that they in this business for several years. With an experienced agency, you can be sure of the fact that the experience has taught them new things. An experienced agency will be able to correctly and promptly recognize what their client is looking for actually. This will help you to save both money and time.


Fortunately, the world has now become a global village. So, distance is no longer a hurdle. However, when choosing an advertising agency, it will be best to look for one that is located in your area. This will make sure that communication between the two parties will be established effectively. You will be able to reach them as per your convenience as and when required.

Past and Current Clientele

It is important to establish confidence at the first phase, and it can be done if you ask the advertising agency in OKC about their past and current clientele. Usually, the official website of the agency will provide this information. So, you need to go through the official website to find out if they have handled clients that are similar to your business. If you cannot find this out on your own, you can ask the agency to provide you with a list, and then check what you are looking for.

Past Performance

You can find out a lot about what type of services the advertising agency of your choosing can offer just by looking into their past performance. You can get a rough idea about the way they work. You can also get an idea about the result which they can deliver. So, you can accordingly set a cost structure and bid for price. There are many review sites where past clients of the agency provide a full picture of the agency. Go through these review sites to know exactly what you will be getting if you go for them.


Pricing and cost form a very critical part of any marketing and promotional activities. To find the best agency, you need to take into account arrangements for the dispersal of expenses and the total expenditure involved. Thus, it will be best to discuss well in advance how both the parties would like the payment method to be. Usually, the payment method is either a monthly payment or fixed cost yearly. You can get an idea about their charges from review sites as well.

These were the things to consider when selecting a marketing agency in OKC. If you keep this in mind while doing your search and research, then you are bound to find the best advertising agency in OKC that suits all your advertising and marketing needs.

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Everything You Need To Know About AML Bone Marrow Transplant

AML (Acute myeloid leukemia) is actually a malignancy of the myeloid line of our blood cells which is usually characterized by the rapid development of abnormal cells which accumulate within the bone marrow as well as blood and interfere with the normal production of blood cells. The symptoms might consist of shortness of breath, feeling exhausted, bleeding, and easy bruising, as well as enhanced infection risks. On some occasions, the spread might occur to the skin, brain, or gums. AML, being acute leukemia, progresses very quickly and is usually fatal in the long run if not treated on time.

In case you have tried any other treatment for AML and there is a possibility for the malignancy to return, you might be suggested a bone marrow transplant by your medical practitioner. It is actually a powerful treatment which will be replacing the cancer cells with immature blood cells, also known as “stem” cells that can develop into healthy ones.

This option is not meant for everybody out there. The treatment might require several months and also comes with some unwanted risks and side effects as well. Below, we have mentioned the benefits and drawbacks of AML bone marrow transplant which will help you to understand whether it will be appropriate for you or not.

Bone marrow transplant types

Stem cells are present in the bone marrow which is actually the spongy part of the bones that are responsible for producing blood cells. A bone marrow transplant will aid in replacing the cells within the bone marrow which have become damaged because of malignancy or by the radiation or chemotherapy required for treating your AML.

In a bone marrow transplant, fresh stem cells will be injected by your physician into the blood where they will be traveling to the bone marrow. They will help to restructure your immune system, which is actually the defense of your body against any ailment after it has become weakened because of chemotherapy.

You will come across 2 primary bone marrow transplant types, namely, allogeneic and autologous.

Autologous bone marrow transplant

In this case, your own stem cells will be used by your physician. They will be taken from your system before starting the cancer treatment and they are going to store them as well. Following this, they will be returned to your body after chemotherapy has already destroyed the cancer cells.

Why your physician might be recommending it

The fresh stem cells will not attack your body whatsoever. This will help to minimize the possibility that you might have a severe side effect known as “graft-versus-host disease.”

Why your physician might not recommend it

The stem cells won’t help in destroying any surplus cancer cells since they will not see these cells as something dangerous. It is also feasible that several cancer cells might be collected along with the stem cells which might return to your body in the long run.

Allogenic bone marrow transplant

This type of leukemia marrow transplant makes use of stem cells that have been donated from other people. Physicians make an attempt to find somebody having similar blood and tissues like that of yours such that the cells will not be seen by your body as a threat. In fact, your siblings might be able to provide you with the best possible match. In case you do not have any relative who will be able to donate, you might be matched with an unidentified donor by means of a national registry.

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The Leaning Tower of Lego Pisa and an epic catastrophe

Oh hey you guys – just me – checking in.  Months between posts, I know.  I’ve been super busy messing with my kids, stuffing up the parenting thing, laughing at inappropriate stuff.  The usual.

Watching cat videos.

So, do allow me to regale you all (the tens of you that still read this…most related to me) with the latest and greatest parenting brag.

My Mstr10 spent EONS (days) completing a STEM project for school – recreating an international landmark.  He opted to go all Leaning Tower of Pisa via Lego.

It was epic, and I’m not just referring to the 4-5 days of blissful peace we enjoyed while he was in the Lego-zone.

He did good.  Really good.

So good I forgave the 5:15am wake-ups as he melted down over the lack of curved white Lego pieces in his extensive collection.

Once his impressive tower was done, he also created an animated poster, complete with Lego peeps walking up and taking selfies, pretending to hold up the tower.

I was all proud parent, you guys.

Fruit of my loins knows way more about technology than I do – just knocked out a quick animated video/poster thingy like it was nothing – meanwhile I’m still here scaring the crap out of myself when I try and take a photo with my mobile phone, and the camera is on reverse – so I see my less than glamorous self on the screen, up close…all pores and wrinkles…

Unfortunately, the day after completion, he had a teeny, tiny accident and knocked the top off of the tower while innocently attempting to simultaneously karate kick his sisters.

It happens, totally normal.

We’re talking around a dozen pieces, 20 at most, on the floor.

The poor kid lost his shit.

He was beside himself.  Inconsolable.

I was sitting opposite his still very impressive leaning tower, calmly begging him to let me help him fix it – and he was all wet teary eyes “No Mum, it’s okay, I’ll fix it, it was my fault…it’s okay”.

Heart. Breaking. Bazillions of pieces of my heart alongside the 12+ pieces of Lego on the ground.

What followed was a good 3-4 minutes of heart palpitations as he very quickly and easily repaired/renovated.

HUZZAH.  All good in the ‘hood.

He was instantly happy again.

I needed a beverage.

Rallying, I very sagely suggested we take it to school early – and keep it in the school Library, where I’m the boss and nothing could possibly happen to it in the ONE DAY before it was due to be handed in.

Parenting genius.  Right there.  Sometimes I amaze myself with my adulting, considering.

So the next morning we carefully put it in the car to drive to school.

I fairly nearly wet my pants trying to drive into the staff carpark.  It took two goes to get up over the very small kerb, because I was all Driving Miss Daisy with the precious cargo on board.

We finally parked, all let out a sigh of relief, and then shepherded the STEM project to the school library, where we placed it on the bench behind my desk.

There were high fives all round, and eventually my butt cheeks unclenched.


The Leaning Tower of Lego Pisa was on display and safe in the library – for all of 2 hours.

A category 6 tornado combined with a force eleventeen earthquake struck….via MY ELBOW.

I obliterated that bad boy.


It was now an ancient ruins.

Of course I did the responsible thing and ran to the Principal in a mad panic.

She laughed and wished me luck come the end of the day, when my beloved Mstr10 came to shower me with affection and adoration and get a lift home.

Vomitsville.  I felt like I was living in vomitsville.

Panic, anxiety, guilt – all the good stuff.

I tried to fix it, but as you can imagine, only made it WORSE.

Mstr10’s twin sister came in for her class library visit and nearly crapped herself with sadistic delight when she saw what I’d done.

Mini asshole.

She gets it from me.

I had to beg her not to tell him if she saw him at lunch time.  Bribed her with a Canteen icy pole.

At lunch time I paced the Library, on the lookout for my beloved little man.

Anywho, to drag this out slightly less dramatically (my bad), Mstr10 didn’t appear until soon after the end of school siren.

I braced myself for the mother of all meltdowns (his and mine).

My beloved little guy looked gutted, took a deep breath, and said “It’s okay Mum, I know it was an accident…I’ll fix it”.

This guy.  This guy.  He wins the world.

His special traits that would normally see him absolutely melting down over anything that strayed from normal routine and expectation, they didn’t apply.  He just sucked it up and fixed it.

Because he knew it was an accident and I didn’t do it on purpose.

The Cleaner came in and started vacuuming – something that would normally send him running out the door on account of sensory overload – but he was so in-the-zone with the Lego re-build that he didn’t even  notice.

I’ve never been so proud….which obviously made the Mother-guilt sooooo much worse.

Naturally he is now getting all the jewellery and my kidneys.  Duh.

Mothers’ Day

That pretty much sums up Mothers’ Day.

#1Hubby was trying his best to appease me by finally clearing his work crap out of the garage, eleventybillion years after I first started whine-ask-demanding he do so.  

Which was great, except it was Mothers’ Day and I was left with all of the things inside.  There was no lounging around in pyjamas.  No coffee in bed.  Definitely no binge watching my favourite shows.

The kids, well they were mini assholes most of the day.  Not as in they are mini, but their assholeness was mini.  Like minor asshole status, as opposed to being epic assholes. 

Mini assholes antagonise each other and not me – but force and motion and physics and stuff means I was impacted by the assholedom, by having to parent it all before someone lost an eye.
The cat gifted me a spew.  Bless.  Bastard.

The kids were all OMG OMG OMG THE WORLD IS ENDING.  In a break from their assholeness, I took solace and enjoyment from their bonding over mutual disgust. 

Sadly, they got over the touching show of sibling unity in a flash, and were very quickly threatening to push each other into said cat spew.

So I cleaned up cat vomit on Mothers’ Day.  Living the dream.

The cat – who was my favourite pre-spew – then sat outside the kitchen window on top of the outdoor table, heaving and eyeballing me, as we had an intense stand off over whether or not he would produce a follow up gift for me.

Being a master multi-tasker, I continued the stand off while slaving over a lavish roast lunch that I was making for myself….which was to be served on said outdoor table – pending follow up spew.

So, yeah, that was Mothers’ Day.  My personal highlight being the cat vomit.

You may think I sound bitter and ungrateful, but I’m not.

This is possibly the best way it could have played out – because now I get a do-over.

After lovingly yelling my disappointment at them all before bed time, I am generously giving them the opportunity to improve on their efforts this weekend.

I’m markedly more excited for the do-over than I was for the original.  The vibe in the lead up is a mix of excitement (mine) and apprehension (theirs).

I’m a survivor – like Beyonce…but more Jeff Probst, really

OUTWIT…the mini-me’s into doing stuff for me since they’re home all day

OUTPLAY…my darlings, against each other, for who wins the prize as my favourite

OUTLAST…the sweet cherubs for 2 weeks of school holidays – home all day, every day

Survivor bosses:
No I did not ask permission to use your logo.  My bad.

Please do not treat this as my audition for the show…unless you’re going to do a parents’ version to see who can possibly outwit/outplay/outlast the other parents, resisting the urge to make the bed, pick up floor-towels, make healthy snacks, or contact their children…surviving guilt-free in a luxury hotel.

Spoiler alert :
It will be me.  I will win.  Mother guilt has no power over me when up against free room service and sleep-ins.

Anyway…enough of the super entertaining intro
On to the reason for my post:

I just wanted to let you all know that I survived the school holidays.

Phew, right?

I do have a TEEN, you know.

And twins who hate each other and piss themselves laughing at the mere suggestion of some mythical “twin bond”.

And the 2 girls are forever trying to convince each other to emancipate themselves – pushing each other to the limit of sanity and fighty-sister-ness, just hoping the other one will pack a bag and leave.

I know, I should really intervene more…but you guys…only 2 kids would mean just 1 taxi, 1 hotel room, more wine money in the budget….I feel like I could REALLY go on and on with this list, but that would make it look like I’ve spent far too much time musing over the pros and cons of 2 kids versus 3…

Also, my beloved boy has completely worked out that I am powerless against his charms.

He’s still my main ally, but he also plays me like a champion.


So I get that you would be considering sending out the National Guard to search for my remains upon completion of 2 weeks of school holidays at home with them, given the circumstances.

Hooray / Huzzah / Jazz Hands and rainbows for the return of school….AMIRIGHT?!?!

Related – keep the celebrations down, parents, as some of us work at schools.

Some of us are ever super stupider and work at schools our kids attend.


Today I had to make fresh toasted sandwiches for the Twin Tornado, as the weather is starting to cool down.

Mstr10 did a little pathetic cough to punctuate the weather situation and need for a hot lunch.

Miss10 just stared me down.

The teen of course put her hand out for money to buy something from the school canteen, since she is no longer in residence at our combined school/workplace.  Lest she miss out on something warm on this arctic day…

The balance of power has shifted.  While #1Hubby is blissfully ignorant/unaware, I am not.

I’m trying to work out if the ability to feed themselves and wipe their own bum’s is worth sacrificing the all powerful aura of wonder, trust and compliance that I once had.